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Office Attach
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Documents, spreadsheets and presentations have transformed from print preparation media into digital containers that often contain all kinds of other media like:

   - Audio

   - Video

   - PDF-s

   - Other documents, spreadsheets, presentations

   - ...


Attaching that other media in MS Office can be quite a headache as someone seems to have missed the point that files prepared in different MS Office applications are used differently than 20 years ago.


In order to attach a file to Word document or Excel spreadsheet or Powerpoint presentation you need to go through multiple steps.  If you forget to change the caption of the item attached as icon you probably miss the whole filename and all you can see is the path starting from "C:\Documents and ....." 


The same name is there multiple times as you have attached severeal documents and you wonder which one is which.


Have you ever missed that simple Attach button from Outlook when you work with Word or Excel or Powerpoint?


No need to miss it anymore - we have a solution for you.  "Office Attach"



It's a simple add in for Word, Excel and Powerpoint that adds the Attach button to you Insert tab.  It does not add any other functionality than reduces your number of clicks




Insert Object - Create From File - Browse - Select file - Insert - Display as Icon - Change Icon - "Manually Change File name to appropriate one where needed" - Ok - Ok




Attach File - Select file - Attach


Please keep in mind that "Office Attach" can only attach what standard Microsoft Office can insert as object.


Office attach has been tested and works with


Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2010(32bit and 64bit)

Microsoft Office 2013(32bit and 64bit)


It even works with Microsoft Office 2003 but there we have seen some issues with add-in activation and deactivation that can be fixed easily manually.  If you need help with it, send us an e-mail :-)

Go ahead, give it a try! It's free.